Endpoint Management

AIS Endpoint Management Provides IT Services Management Automation

Experience greater efficiencies with automated, remote, capabilities for Server, Workstation, and Mobile Device Monitoring and Management. Robust reporting for inventory and backup management further automates tasks otherwise performed manually.

Key Points:

  • Reduce disruption from Windows Update issues and 3rd-party patch management
  • Less time spent on remote support from included Logmein; 70% of IT Support issues are now resolved remotely
  • Reduced time spent on issue root cause analysis with automated software/hardware inventory management
  • Webroot anti-virus/anti-malware software and included and fully-managed

Cost Savings Case Study for 1-Year

Example IT Services Management Needs of a 30-Employee Organization

  • Remote assistance via included, integrated, Logmein remote access, compared to manually establishing remote support connections
    • Remote Support Tickets: 543
    • Time saved: 5 minutes per occurrence, 45.25 Hours Total
    • Tier 1 Labor cost savings at $100/hr*: $4,525
  • Automated 24/7/365 Endpoint status monitoring and updates
    • Monitoring Tickets: 523
    • Time saved: 5 minutes per occurrence, 43.56 Hours Total
    • Tier 1 Labor cost savings at $100/hr*: $4,356
  • Reduced time spent on root cause analysis
    • Server/Network/Storage Tickets: 61
    • Time saved: 20 minutes per occurrence, 20.33 Hours Total
    • Tier 3 Labor cost savings at $135/hr*: $2,745
  • Automated Microsoft and 3rd-Party software update and patch management
    • Patch related tickets: 191
    • Microsoft-update related issues avoided: 3
    • Time saved per occurrence: 8 hours per occurrence, 24 Hours Total
    • Tier 3 Labor cost savings at $135/hr*: $3,240
  • Automated software/hardware inventory updating and reporting in Excel and PDF formats
    • Monthly reports: 12
    • Time saved per occurrence: 2 hours per occurrence, 24 Hours Total
    • Tier 1 Labor cost savings at $100/hr*: $2,400
  • Included, integrated Webroot anti-virus/anti-malware licenses with malware definition update status monitoring and remediation
    • License cost savings: $1,200/yr

AIS Endpoint and Network Management 1-Year Cost Summary:

  • Service cost: $12,100

  • Cost savings: $18,466

  • Net cost savings: $6,366

*Labor hourly rates are example placeholders only

Typical Client Endpoint Management Lifecycle Roadmap:
  • Year 1: Initial implementation and integration of Endpoint Management and Ticketing Systems
  • Year 2: Scripting implementation and customization for routine task automation
  • Year 3: Full hardware/software lifecycle configuration management for most devices with infrastructure-as-code options

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