Gaining New Insight into Your Network

Gaining New Insight into Your Network

Insight into a network is essential for any business and their IT Team.  Data about your network at any single point gives a snapshot, however it is not showing the whole story.  Graphical visualization of data can quickly show high level trends to showcase specific events or areas of concern.

The true key to knowing your network and changing how you interact with it comes from the ability to move from visualized data points into the root cause.  Benchmarking and remediation can only be achieved if you know what data to inspect.  Drilling down into detail becomes essential after identifying areas of interest.

AIS has deployed SIEM and NMS to accomplish these critical tasks.  Not only do these solutions provide enterprise level features for the SMB market, but they also showcase the power of data to aid in creating a more secure and efficient technology blueprint.  All of these benefits and features are vendor agnostic, making it a great solution for any network environment.

Rightsizing your infrastructure and hardware, implementing additional security solutions, and understanding your network all start with data.  Data presented through AIS’s exclusive SIEM and NMS Tools.

Follow these links to learn more: AIS SIEM Link & AIS NMS Link

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