How can I make sure my meetings are secure?

How can I make sure my meetings are secure?

As we’re becoming more reliant on video conferencing and VOIP to communicate the value of security and privacy are increasing.

How can I make sure my meetings are secure:?

  1. Start your meeting slightly after or before the hour to avoid the meeting rush and provide a better logging in experience.
  2. If you’re hosting a public webinar, use a one time use only meeting ID.
  3. If you’re using your personal ID for meetings, don’t share that information publicly.
  4. See if your platform has a “waiting room” feature. So you can see who is signing in before allowing them in.
  5. Disable the ability for others to join before the host.
  6. Lock your session once all attendees have arrived.
  7. For public meetings, consider turning off the ability for attendees to share their webcams.
  8. For public meetings, turn off attendees ability to chat.
  9. Turn on a setting for attendees to receive a “Welcome” message when they arrive.
  10. BONUS- Make sure your pin is not your extension- hackers have been forwarding phone numbers to expensive out of country numbers.

Keep these practices in mind to secure your meetings!

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