Does a Cloud Based VOIP system make sense for my business?

Does a Cloud Based VOIP system make sense for my business?

AIS Managed VOIP designed for the Hybrid Business Model

As business activity moves from 100% in the office to a hybrid model of office/field/remote- businesses are evaluating the role of their phone system and how it ties into their IT strategy. Phone systems have long been viewed as a vital, AIS Managed Cloud VoIP can ease the transition and even enhance the experience!

What are the current pain points of phone systems?:

  • Adding lines means a Rip and Replace
    • Legacy phone systems don’t have flexible plans for adding phone lines
    • Ex: Packages go from 25 phone lines to 250 phone lines even if you just need 40 you have to rip and replace the entire system
  • Visibility and Data into Customer communications lost
    • Employees using personal cell phones for business- data can’t be tracked
  • Infrastructure- Maintaining Hardware
    • Current phone system requires physical phone to be plugged in office
  • Reliable Service 
    • Customers can’t find someone to service their phone system

Who is AIS Managed VOIP is a good fit for?:

  • Customers with aging phone systems 5+ years old
    • Easy implementation and ongoing service
    • No dedicated IT staff required, AIS can implement VoIP quickly
  • Businesses transitioning from 100% in office to hybrid in-office/remote model
    • Maintains information security as calls and customer information would still be going through work phones rather than employee personal phones
    • AIS Managed VOIP does not require a physical phone in the office
  • Customers adding phone lines with minimal additional cost
    • No minimum phone lines
    • Add phones as you go not in blocks
    • VoIP providers  take advantage of existing IP networks- so customers pay less for the same volume
  • Customers whose sales depend on a reliable phone system
    • Employees can use a physical phone or an app on their cell phone to make and receive calls from the same number

What else does it do?

  • Additional Features:
    • Call recording for client documentation
    • Unlimited phone calls within the US
    • Available International Calling
    • Multi level auto attendant
    • Custom apps integration
    • Video Chat

Reach out to Becca Feig at for more information!

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