Gaining New Insight into Your Network

Insight into a network is essential for any business and their IT Team.  Data about your network at any single point gives a snapshot, however it is not showing the whole story.  Graphical visualization of data can quickly show high level trends to showcase specific events or areas of concern.

The true key to knowing your network and changing how you…

How are IT Security Teams preparing for the effects of COVID-19?

COVID-19/Coronavirus Cyber Security Checklist

Do you have a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan?
Do you have a SIEM in place that is configured, false positive alerts have been filtered out and you are actively receiving, responding to and mitigating/addressing alerts?
Do you have a SOC team that has experience in resolving cyber security alerts?
Do you have your data backed…

Ryuk Ransomware Incident Report

On Monday October 28, 2019, a local School District was hit with a ransomware attack, identified as a strand of “Ryuk”. AIS was contacted and addressed the situation quickly and efficiently, reaching out to the client to establish a timeline of events, identify impacted systems, and figuring out a general overview of the server environment.


A plan of action was developed,…

Case Study: Phishing Attack Creates Public Links to Private Files

An email Phishing attack resulted in unauthorized access to the victim’s email mailbox and the creation of public-sharing links to private Microsoft OneDrive files.
In early 2019, an AIS Managed SIEM Alert indicated that a Customer email mailbox was accessed from the United States and from Russia less than an hour later, triggering an Impossible Travel Alert. Minutes later, an additional…

5 Cybersecurity Priorities for Every SMB in 2017

Follow this checklist of the most-urgent cybersecurity items — including phishing scams, password protection, malware and ransomware — to keep your company secure in the year ahead.

Phishing Attacks Are the Top Threat to Tackle, Bar None
Passwords Need Protection Too
Malware Is Everywhere, So Hunt It Relentlessly
Make Yourself Secure Against Ransomware
Think Before You Migrate to the Cloud